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Message From: Corinne November 5, 2017
So thankful for and impressed by the efforts of Richard and Linda and the Petsmart crew in rescuing a young mother cat and her tiny kittens from behind my work place! Thank you for all you do!

Message From: madelene clausen July 7, 2017
please adopt this kitten frieda. she is the sweetest and playful. my sis found her at 2 weeks old, she now ready for adoption, needs a good home where she is loved

Message From: mamakim February 3, 2015
Wonderful people who operate this Web site. Very loving, very caring very invested in loving each and every rescue they have.

Message From: Andy November 11, 2013
You guys are the Greatest! Thank you so very much for your hard work placing my kittens in loving homes. RU4Me is top notch, bettered only by the wonderful volunteers who make it all possible.

Message From: Kylie & keith August 23, 2011
Just wanted to give you an update on our Sadie or as you knew her Lacey. We adopted her 4 years ago and she has not only become the queen of our house she has also become a Vermonter! She loves her doggy cousins and loves to play in the snow. We can't imagine not having her with us and she has play dates with her jack russell cousin wally at least twice a week and we are currently looking for a little brother for her to share her new big yard with. Thank you for bringing her into our lives we love her! Keep up the good work!

Message From: dianne June 29, 2011
found guines on 06/13 at atlantic and jog delray large black male neuter and declawed very sweet and loving big guy probably 2 plus years . i have 4 cats and one of my big boys is alpha and chases guines . so he hides. i have to bring him to food and to the bathroom and try and play and love on him i called you to help me to find him a forever home would be glad to let you show him at pets on the week ends hope to hear from you guines foster mom

Message From: ann and alan June 2, 2011
thanks for helping us find resources to get the ferals fixed at our new house...all are good, come to eat every day, and NO MORE BABIES! You are really good people and helped us and the cats a lot.

Message From: chachacharlie May 22, 2011
Thanks for talking to me, and sending me the information and links about cats with FIV. The stray I found had it, and I got no encouragement from anyone about his prospects. You told me not to rush into anything. The lady I saw at Petmart said that "you can always get dead." That made a lot of sense to me. I did not take him to the pound where he would have been killed right away.. I checked it all out and decided to keep Beau...he is doing great. He's fat and happy and my dog Boz loves him. I am very grateful for your tips or I could have made a big mistake that would have cost Beau his life. Thanks from me, Boz, and Beau!

Message From: Keith May 19, 2011
I'm the guy that brought you the mom and kittens from the boatyard. Thanks for taking them in and finding them homes. I know you were full, but you made space for them so no more would be killed out there. I had called everywhere and then carried them around to 3 places that day. No other place I tried cared about them being killed off one by one, but you did. You did a good thing. I shop at Petsmart and put in what I can into your money jar every time I see you all doing adoptions Saturday. You are the best rescue in the county!

Message From: Rita Jenner May 9, 2011
I cried when I read about poor Bones on Rainbow Bridge. I cannot believe that this poor cat was given the time to live out his life with love and dignity at his foster home. You all are very special people. Bones "family" dumped him but you gave him a good life at the end in kitty hospice. God bless you all for making up to him for the other horrible humans.

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